Ways to stay healthy




Immunize.  Immunizations are the best bargain in health care.  When people immunize, they prevent illness and epidemics in the community.

Keep moving.  Fitness is essential to good health.  Even moderate exercise makes a huge difference both in how you feel and what illnesses you get.

Eat right.  Eating well-balanced, low-fat diet of wholesome foods will keep you energetic and free of many illnesses.

Control stress.  Even with a hectic and hurried lifestyle, people can prevent stress from undermining their health.  It’s as easy as a smile sometimes.

Be smoke-free.  Smokers who quit gain tremendous health benefits, so do people who avoid second-hand smoke.

Avoid drugs and excess alcohol.

Put safety first.  Safety at home, at work, and at play, safe driving, firearm safety, and safer sex practices will all help keep people healthy.

Pursue healthy pleasures.  Take naps, relax during meals, take a walk, play with kids, care for a pet—they all can add to your health.

Think well of yourself.  A good self image is the foundation of good health.

Practice abstinence or limit your number of sex partners.

Get early diagnosis and treatment.  Get early diagnosis, implement medical interventions ASAP, and be proactive in treatment/care decisions and plans.

Promote peace and nonviolence.  Peace on earth begins at home.  Seek nonviolent ways of resolving conflicts at home, at work, at school, and in the community.

“Learning is the light that leads into everything lovely.”