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Services are by appointment only due to COVID-19. Call to schedule or book your appointment on the Village App STL. All services are free and confidential.

Our Community, Our Health

Our offices are located in St. Louis City and Florissant, Missouri. As a public health organization, we deliver workshops and presentations on HIV/STI prevention, Violence Prevention, and LGBTQ sensitivity; provide confidential HIV Medical Case Management Services such as housing assistance referrals, substance abuse support, and mental health services; and monthly socials and confidential support circles. All programs and services we provide are free to the community. Due to COVID-19, in-person services are limited.

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The Village App STL

The Village App STL is an easy way to access the resources we provide. Take charge of your health, book your Sexual Wellness Appointment by downloading the app onto your android, iphone, or tablet. Check out our other resources on the Village App STL. All services are free.

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WAP and HIV Prevention

Healthy Pathways

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HIV+ Support Circles and Groups

Sometimes, a listening ear is all you need. In St. Louis, Missouri we provide weekly HIV Support Groups. Dealing with an illness is extremely difficult and so is the stigma that’s sometimes attached to having HIV. When you are ready for professional guidance and resources for health, healing, and well-being, we got you. There’s hope, healing, and support when you or a loved one has been diagnosed with HIV. Some of the issues we address include: How, When, and to Whom to Disclose Your HIV Status, Protecting Your Partner from HIV Transmission, ssues That Uniquely Impact Women Living with HIV and Men Living with HIV.

SMART Recovery

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